Ab Training Mistakes

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Ab Training Mistakes

The greatest mistake that most people make during their six-pack abs quest is that these people spend too much time doing abs workout. This means that during their training session, they only pump on their abs. Like for example, doing various abs exercises like crunches, reverse crunches, leg lift etc. These abs specific exercises are good but it's definitely not the way to get your six-pack abs.

Most people are making so much effort trying to get their abs define by doing many reps of those abs exercises. But end of the day, they are wasting their time doing these. Instead if they choose to do a well-designed full body training program, they could get better result as their metabolism rate would increase faster which burns more fats in return.

Why doing countless of abs exercise will not work at all?

This is the most important concept of all as most people do not even know why they cannot get their abs defined by doing only abs exercise. Mainly because when you are doing abs exercises, it helps to build your abs muscle. But what if it is hidden behind layers of fats? You are actually making your stomach more obvious.

Believe it or not, you already have the so-called six-pack abs in your stomach. It's only the belly fats above it that is covering it. So the main key factor to let your abs be defined is actually losing those belly fats. To lose your belly fats, you need to reduce your body fats percentage to as low as possible, for guys around 7% and women around 18%.

So how to remove your body fats percentage?

To reduce your body fats percentage to the lowest, you need to increase your metabolism rate. You can either increase your metabolism rate by doing exercises that involve working on large muscles or have a healthy nutrition diet that speeds up your metabolism rate. This is why pumping on those abs exercises will not help in burning fats.

To have the best training program for abs, you should concentrate specifically on major muscle strength training (Upper Legs, Upper back, and chest) and some interval training. However, for abs specific exercises, I would include it into my training session for only two times a week with only five minutes per session.

Why is interval training better than slow boring cardio?

There have been a lot of personal trainers recommending long duration and slow cardio workout for best fat burning effect. Doing slow cardio does help but it is definitely a waste of time. If you are looking for lasting fat loss, that is not the way. This is because during the slow cardio workout, you will only be burning calories. Instead if you are doing proper interval training with only 20 minutes a session, you can get a greater metabolism boost which helps you to burn fats even when you are resting!

So this covers the main abs training mistake that most of us tend to make.

Remember you need to lose your belly fats first before your abs muscle can be seen.

I recently came across a program that focuses on this concept on abs building. It covers a full body workout program and a nutrition diet that allows you to get rid of those ugly belly fats and reveal the hidden six pack abs. I had applied this abs program with some of my clients and huge result was seen. Thus i highly recommend anyone that is serious about losing their belly fats and getting their six pack abs to check out Truth About Abs.

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